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 The Sisterhood has arrived.

Its time to shake the french fries out of your chakras, moms….

–  Develop a solid meditation practice to get you CALM
– Dig deep to discover your limiting beliefs and regain your CONFIDENCE
– Discover a whole new mindset that leaves you CAPABLE of thriving through        motherhood

The Sisterhood of the Tired Ass Moms membership is a monthly

online subscription you can join on a month to month basis for $20

or get the entire year for a one time payment of $200.

Each month has a carefully curated topic following my mom approved

affirmation ‘ I am CALM, I am CONFIDENT, I and CAPABLE.’

You will receive in your inbox a video blog discussing that months topic,

an MP3 of a guided meditation, a PDF worksheet with journal prompts

and access to a private Facebook group where there will be a monthly

live broadcast with a guest speaker.




For those who dive deep and purchase the entire year, you will receive access to a group coaching call the third week of every month where you can ask questions, share miracle moments or just enjoy a good chat!


What the Sisters are saying.

Extra Bonus!

Upon signup you will also  receive my ebook ‘The Beginners Guide for the Spiritually Curious’ to keep you in the loop on some of the more spiritual topics that will come up such as energy clearing, Law of Attraction, spirit guides (yes, spirit guides), psychic protection  etc!


So if you feel the call to step up and  show up for yourself in a big way, click the link below!




You guys, balance is a MYTH.

Put a visual to the word ‘balance’.

Do you see yourself working on a laptop on a beach while your nanny plays in the the ocean with your kids and your new husband (Justin Timberlake, of course) makes lunch on a cute portable bbq you got for a great deal at Costco? Or, do you see an elephant in a tutu carrying a lacy pink umbrella, balancing on a rope, terrified to fall into the pit of judgemental, gossiping crocodiles snapping at her ankles? Both are very different ideas of balance. And very unrealistic. Just like balance.

Wanna know what IS realistic? Forgiveness, compassion, and moderation.

First of all- forgive yourself for not being perfect. (I work on this one on the daily.) I look at my family photo over the fireplace and LAUGH. That family is so beautiful. Everyone in nice clothes, smiling, looking all well- behaved and polite…. My real family is a bunch of loud, crazy monkeys fighting over the last cookie or even more annoyingly fighting over who gets to sit beside ME at the dinner table (the odd time we all sit down to eat together). Flattering, yes, but I’m over it. I just wanna eat.

Then- realize you’re just doing your best. If you know you’re not doing your best think about why you’re not and dig back in to the why’s until you find the reason for the block. Write it out. If you do it like me you should at some point be crying. Possibly swearing. Crumpling your paper. You get the idea.

Also think about moderation. You can have too much of anything. Or too little. Love, fear, cats, Cheetos, kale, fun, self-help books, gambling, Justin Timberlake, laundry. Moderation goes hand in hand with boundaries. If you love too much with no boundaries you could become the source for energy vampires to get their self esteem fix. If you do too much laundry you might miss out on the deer in your back yard or your kid creating a masterpiece with blue crayon on your wall (personal experience).

The closest thing to ‘balance’ I can relate to is a constant effort to forgive myself. Showing compassion to myself has had a magical effect in all areas in my life. The pressure is off.  If I make a mistake, oops! I know better now. Its that simple.

So, pressures off ladies. Give yourself permission to be imperfect, unbalanced. I promise its much more fun!


XO Kels


Ok… I’ve heard it all.

I don’t have time.

I can’t turn my brain off.

My kids won’t leave me alone.

Bla bla bla.

I was you. I was tired and frustrated and overwhelmed. Constantly on my last frazzled nerve. Then I discovered meditation and it CHANGED EVERYTHING. I still get tired and frazzled but meditation has built an extra layer of calm and resiliency in my life.

So, whaddya say? Wanna give it a go?

If I can film and edit this video and still have kids that are fed and (generally) happy, YOU can find 5 minutes to focus on your breath. I promise, mamas, it helps!

(and if nothing else, please enjoy the fact that my husband was VERY nervous when I asked him to help me set up to film in the shower :D)


Welcome to the Sisterhood of Tired Ass Moms

Welcome mamas from far and wide! My name is Kelsey and I am a T I R E D A S S M O M! I have 3 kids, 3 jobs and I am T H R I V I N G (or at least I’m trying to)! My mission is to cultivate a community of

T I R E D A S S M O M S  in search of peace and fulfillment through meditation and spiritual well being. Please join my facebook community and check out all my other internet shenannigans!

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